Fintess Trainers

Interested in starting a new gym routine but don't know where to start? Our certified & friendly trainers are here to help! Get a custom workout program built just for you and 1-on-1 direction from our trainers.

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Cerry Lamb

Phone: 250-489-1123, E-mail: Web Site:

  • Co-owner/Manager/Head Trainer
  • CFES Certified Fitness Trainer
  • Competitive Body Builder
Trainer Anna Lamb

Anna Lamb - Certified

Phone: 778-687-1504, E-mail:

  • Co-owner
  • CFES Personal Trainer Certificate
  • CFES Weight Training Certificate
  • IFA Senior Fitness Instructor
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Office Automation Business Diploma
Photo of Mya

Mya Lamb

Phone: 250-489-1123, E-mail:

  • CFES Personal Trainer
  • First Aid and CPR

James Lesak


  • Sports Diploma - Nescot College